Saturday, November 16, 2013


As I type this piece, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has retired. Also, as I type this piece, thousands others have retired & retiring from their workplace.

Thousands just like SRT who are as good as him at their ‘jobs’ retire everyday from their work. They do well, inspire others. They say goodbyes to their colleagues, collect their belongings in a cardboard box, cut a ‘we will miss you’ cake… and as they walk back home they wonder to themselves, “What will I do tomorrow morning?” They wonder where will they use their work clothes, what time will they have their morning tea, what will be happen to the mail that will be dropped off their work address…

We will all retire, one day. We all work hard. We all make ‘beautiful’ innings be it on the field, cubicle, garage, kitchen, school…

My Nana ji retired as a college principal, a long long time ago. He used to cycle to college. Today, I am wondering what the thoughts in his head were when he rode the cycle from college to home, the last time. I remember the ‘moistness’ in his eyes. After he retired, he worked to restore documents of historical literary work. He inspired us till he left us.

Just a few weeks back, my dad retired after a very beautiful, challenging & inspirational innings. I had dropped him this mail on the last day of his work, “Hello papa! You must be feeling both sad & happy! But I am sure you will enjoy and relax & then you can come and stay with us! Yippiees!!Love you.” And he replied, “Dear Purva, I am not felling sad at all. Of course there will be a change in my life. I feel it would be ‘better’ than ‘present’. I will enjoy life in another way. May do something new.  My new e-mail address from 1st August is….. Love, Papa.” Today, I am looking back and smiling, my dad had planned his ‘farwell’ so well! He had even created a new e-mail id since he would not have access to the official id! He is 63, he is an inspiration!! And he has taken up a new course and is prepping for his exams! He had an exam last Saturday! J J I am moist eyed as I am thinking how he found the courage to tell us that he would not miss dressing up for work each day, attending meetings, buying a goodie for us on his way back… Dad, you inspire me, each moment!

Today, I wish each one of our jobs & careers were such that we got a chance to connect to millions, beyond our cubicles, and each one of us got the same ‘retirement’ as Sachin got today.

Everyone who retires is sad & deserves a hug.

Respect to SRT & all others who have said goodbye to their work.  

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Do diye zyada jalao...

Do diye zyada jalao... 

I am sure all of us have way too many places, people, moments, memories that deserve the extra two diyas... 

I have a lot to feel grateful this Diwali and I hope it is the same for  you! "The lovely cupcake, my niece, please don’t grow up. The ‘can’t-live-without’ sister, I will always call you at all odd hours. The ‘make-me-proud’ daddy, you are my inspiration. The smile, keep visiting me and all those I love. The books, I loved all the nights I spent with you.  The new-found joke partner, bro-in-law, we rock.The Wi-Fi, you are the reason I wake up each morning. The ‘know-it-all’ mommy, how come you have a solution for everything? The grey cells, please don’t give up on me. The husband, thanks for being a lovely room mate! The Indian Trumpet magazine, thanks for making my life so colourful & stunning! The cosy work desk, can’t imagine life without you. The blessings, keep coming. The deadlines, you make time dearer.The lessons, I am learning. And all the wonderful people I have met & will meet in this new land, Dubai! 

May each one of yours world sparkles a lot more this Diwali!

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